Churches Plan to Resume Services and Support Community Programs

October 29, 2023 0 Comments

Grace Community Baptist Church Elgin, Oklahoma

After a week of silence, the church posted on Facebook that it plans to resume services Sunday. It will follow health and safety guidelines that include social distancing, temperature testing, masks and staggered seating arrangements.

The Kane County state’s attorney said his office would not take action against the church unless it violated the governor’s executive orders. He also indicated that his deputies need a court order to break up group gatherings.

First Baptist Church

During this time the nursery was refurbished and a second Sunday morning worship service began. The church also supported a number of community programs, including the Boys and Girls Club and Sherman Hospital. In addition, the church made its first donations to an African-American organization.

Even though Schaap was facing felony charges, hundreds of members rose to his defense. They blasted the media for printing the accusations and savagered the reporters, whom they called “low-down, rotten, filthy, stinking garbage dump stench” types of people. Some blasted the prosecutors and wrote letters to local newspapers, blaming them for prosecuting a man of God. This was part of a culture, past and present members say, of secrecy and cultlike control at the church. The church even has its own police force. First Baptist’s officers are ordained by the pastor.

Second Baptist Church

Under the leadership of pastor Nathaniel Edmond, the church experienced unprecedented growth. A nursery was refurbished and the first “Wonderful Wednesday” mid-week service began in February 2001. In addition, a 20,000 square foot multipurpose addition was built. This expansion included classrooms, a welcome center and a recreation and performance auditorium.

Pastor Edmond also led the church to establish a partnership with Sheridan Elementary School and later expanded it to Larsen Middle School. This program has served thousands of students since 2006. In recognition of this work, Second Baptist received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award from the City of Elgin.

In addition to being a leader within the church, Pastor Edmond has served in leadership positions with several community organizations, including as National Alumni President for Xavier University of Louisiana and Board Member of Judson University. He has also served as Basileus of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and as a trustee for Sherman Hospital and Advocate Healthcare Corporate Board.

Calvary Baptist Church

Calvary Chapel is an international fellowship of evangelical churches based in Southern California. Its roots lie in the Pentecostal movement and it follows a moderate form of Christian Pentecostalism. It emphasizes Bible study and teaching. It also stresses living a Christ-like lifestyle, which often comes in conflict with contemporary culture. Its churches follow the practice of believer’s baptism and celebrate Communion at each service.

Like other Pentecostal groups, Calvary Chapels believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and in prophetic ministry. They believe the Holy Spirit indwells believers during conversion for the purpose of sanctification. They also believe that the Holy Spirit baptizes believers with the gift of speaking in tongues.

Calvary Chapels do not have a bureaucracy and church government is pastor-led. They are non-hierarchical and have few committees or sub-committees. They also reject the doctrine of amillennialism, which spiritualizes Scripture and denies the literal 1,000-year reign of Jesus on earth as described in Revelation chapters 20 and 21.

Grace Community Baptist Church

Grace Community Baptist Church operates as a Baptist Church. The Company offers education, youth, and music programs for children and adults. It also offers Bible study classes, prayer groups, and other activities. Grace Community Baptist Church serves customers in the United States. The Company is headquartered in Elgin, Oklahoma.

Kayla joined the Grace team in 2022 as the admissions coordinator. She has a bachelor’s degree from UT Tyler and previously worked at Refinery Chiropractic. She and her husband have two children who attend Grace. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and playing games.

Rhonda has taught at Grace since 2004 in the areas of elementary and secondary English. She has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and has coached varsity baseball and basketball. She and her husband have two daughters who attend Grace. She enjoys hiking and gardening in her spare time.

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