Brooklyn’s Baptist Churches: Serving God, the Community, and Social Justice

November 12, 2023 0 Comments

5 Baptist Churches in Brooklyn, New York

LRBC is a church of friendly people that loves God and their neighbors. Their mission is to inspire, edify, and equip their members to serve in the community and beyond. They are also dedicated to addressing quality of life issues in Brooklyn.

This two-part panel series, which is being held virtually, explores the role of Brooklyn’s Black churches in the fight for social justice. Part 1 explores the history, while part 2, which will take place in person on February 27, looks at today and the future.

Beraca Baptist Church

Beraca Baptist Church is a multi-ethnic church in Brooklyn, New York that is committed to serving and ministering to the whole family. It was founded in January 1978 by the late Rev. Soinier Jean-Pierre and his wife Zilma. In April 2000 the members confirmed Mullery Jean Pierre, the son of Pastor Soinier as the new pastor and the church began to experience healthy growth.

Recently, Beraca Baptist Church hosted a Haiti Earthquake Memorial Service and Awards Ceremony in honor of the 2010 natural disaster victims and organizations that helped to rebuild the nation. The event was co-sponsored by Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary.

Emmanuel Baptist Church

Emmanuel Baptist Church is located in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood. The block is lined with classic Brooklyn brownstones and the G train stops just a block away. Emmanuel’s building was designed by Francis Hatch Kimball in 1887. The church is the cornerstone of a historic neighborhood and is a familiar sight to Marathon runners as the last mile of the race passes by.

Under Reverend John Mendez’s pastorate Emmanuel has become more active in social and global issues. The congregation has supported a number of religious and community organizations. In addition, Emmanuel has sent delegates to various conventions and ecumenical organizations.

EverGreene has been involved in restoring the church’s historic finishes. The work has included a historic paint analysis, the matching of historic paint colors and re-gilding. In addition, we performed masonry cleaning, plaster repair and interior restoration. We also documented and replicated historic patterns. Emmanuel has also developed an interest in international missions and supports an African Baptist Church in Ecuador.

Mount Calvary Baptist Church

The Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York is a community of followers of Jesus Christ. The church is located on Howard Avenue near Weeksville Park and the Ralph Avenue station on the IND Fulton Street Line of the subway.

The church is dedicated to its mission of “Making Brothers, Supporting Fathers and Encouraging Husbands.” This ministry provides men with opportunities for fellowship, service and spiritual growth. The church also offers a variety of programs to help support and encourage women in their walk with the Lord.

The church’s humble beginnings date back to 1962, when a few local residents sought to organize a church. They met regularly in the home of a local resident until the church was organized on January 1, 1963. This was a day they hoped would be the beginning of greater things to come. Fortunately, they were right. The church grew and progressed under the leadership of Rev. Claybon Lea.

Siloam Presbyterian Church

Siloam Presbyterian Church is located in Brooklyn, New York. It was founded in 1849 by Rev James A. Gloucester, the son of Rev John Gloucester, who had founded the First African Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. The church was originally called the Hall Building, but changed its name to Siloam Presbyterian in 1859. During the slavery era, Siloam Presbyterian participated vigorously in the Underground Railroad, providing food, clothing and shelter for escaped slaves. It was also one of the sites where the struggle for educational equality and human dignity took on a national dimension, led by Rev Milton Galamison.

The governing body of the congregation is called the session. It consists of elected elders who are both laypeople and ministers. The governing body is responsible for the mission of the church and oversees its work. It is the smallest unit of a presbytery, which is one of the three main units of a denomination. The Presbyterian Church in America (U.S.A) was created in 1983 through the merger of two predecessor denominations.

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