Third Baptist Church in Suffield, Massachusetts

Third Baptist Church is an active member of the community and supports many events and activities. It also aims to promote social justice. It works closely with ABAR Suffield and the Juneteenth event.

Churches today are finding new ways to reach out to the younger generation. They are using the internet and other methods to connect with their communities.


Baptists are a non-creedal people who believe that God speaks to us through the Bible, which they consider to be the supreme authority on all matters of faith and practice. They also believe that all Christians will be raised up at the end of time to live with God forever.

The first members of Third Baptist Church met in various homes, and by 1858 the church had organized with 3 services each Sunday. It was during this era that the church fought for civil rights, worked with other African American churches, and sought temperance and education.

Reverend Kenney was called to pastor Third Baptist on April 7, 2013. He is excited to be leading this mighty flock into its next phase. He is committed to a strong biblical emphasis and community service and leadership. He is also eager to build on this church’s rich legacy of heritage and tradition. The congregation looks forward to God’s blessings upon their pastor and his ministry.


Third Baptist Church is a community of faith in Jesus Christ. We are committed to preaching and teaching the Word of God. We encourage all people to worship God in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling for them.

During the Depression, when financial times were tough, members sacrificially fulfilled their pledges. Even the pastor, organist and sexton were paid half their salaries until the financial situation improved. These people were rooted in the Word and loved the church.

The current building was designed by renowned African American architect, Calvin T.S. Brent. It is one of his few church buildings that remain intact to this day. The first trained African American architect in the country, he is known for his design of churches. The church also has a large stained glass window, designed by the same artist. It is one of the largest in the city. The church is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.


The mission of the Third Baptist Church Christian School is to provide a quality education in the context of a loving and nurturing Christian environment. Students leave the school morally and academically ready for the challenges of high school, college or the workforce.

In April of 2015 The Reverend Paige A Harris was called to pastor this old ship of Zion and preached his introductory sermon on Sunday, May 1, 2016.

Pastor Cherry has nurtured and developed associate ministers as well as built a strong Deacon Board. He has also established a comprehensive training ministry and placed emphasis on the spiritual development of members. He is always pleased when souls are saved, and wants to see the church flourishing. He loves his members and they love him in return. Third Baptist Church is a landmark of African American history. The historic structure was designed by noted black architect Calvin T. Brent. It is the only building that Brent designed that is still standing today.


The church has a community involvement program that involves volunteering and giving back to the community. In addition, they have a ministry of social justice and are actively involved in addressing social inequalities. Their mission is to serve the community and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Cherry has nurtured and developed Associate Ministers and a Deacon Board that assist him in fulfilling the spiritual needs of the congregation. He is always pleased to see souls saved as a result of his sermons and worship services.

The church has a long history of serving the community and has been home to many community leaders, activists and entertainers. The community has embraced the church and supported its goals. The church has even been named a city landmark. In addition to their many community programs, the church also provides support for the homeless. Their volunteers have worked tirelessly to provide food, clothing and other assistance to the homeless.

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